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October - December 2023

Glorious Victory to Shri Kashi Vishveshwara Distinguished scroll of Honour to Highly Revered Jagadguru Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamiji, Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

In the land of Bharata, where the culture of mundane upliftment and ultimate bliss is considered most important, which is the lifeline of those who value the four Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Dharmashastras, which is fragrant with the Yajna offerings done as per the paths worshipping Shiva, Shakti and Parabrahman, which is established in the path of Advaita Vedanta of Sanatana Dharma, known by (Mahavakyas like) “tattvamasi” (You are That), “aham brahmasmi” (I am Brahman), “ekoham, bahu syam” (I am alone, let me become many), “neha nanasti kincana” (There is no multiplicity here at all), which is greatly sacred and beautiful, known by the epithet of “Golden bird” and codified with the Varnashrama Dharma,

bearing the charge of Sanatana Dharma and the Southern Moolamnaya Peetha among the four Peethas of Adi Shankaracharya, whose mind is eternally pure due to observing Brahmacharya, who opens the door of Shastras to the seekers of Brahma-tapas-siddhi (attaining Brahman through austerity), through the Brahmasutra-bhashya,

undertaking a Vijayayatra everywhere, and protecting through His own brilliant Tapas the Sanatana Dharma in entirety by destroying the darkness of ignorance through the path of “Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma” and with life-giving Vagas and Havanas as per the Vedas,

creating a shower of ambrosia called Dharma in every village, wandering incessantly to establish a Bharata which is filled with Dharma, through the path of Brahmacharya regulated by observance of truth, good character, right conduct, selflessness, forbearance and generosity, on the foundation of adherence to worship of the Eternal Parabrahman,

destroying the darkness of ignorance, delusion and deceitfulness through the chanting and study of the four Vedas, having acquired matchless power by the worship of Kamakshi, Durga and Tripurasundari, in the Peetha which has traditionally upheld the assertion of Shakti’s supremacy,

serving the people of Bharata from Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham established by Adi Shankaracharya, through many schools and hostels with arrangements for the education of brahmana and poor boys and girls, and caring for the diseased, in the cause of Janakalyana (public welfare) everywhere, and leading them to greater heights always with ever-new beneficial initiatives, and dedicated to the protection and dissemination of (contents of) palm leaf manuscripts,

bearing the responsibility for the proper conduct of Mathamnayam by giving his Shakti completely, after being anointed as the 70th Shankaracharya, in the lineage beginning with Adi Shankaracharya, Sureshvara, Sarvajnatmanendra, Satyabodhendra, Anandaghanendra, Kaivalyananda, Yogendra Sarasvati etc. and having sixty nine Shankaracharyas with Shri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati and Shri Jayendra Sarasvati, serving for a long time with his heart Kashi kshetra, where Lord Vishvanatha, the Lord of Avimukta Kshetra and Divine Mother Annapurna are enshrined, and being a bridge to the Southern and Northern traditions, having the firm resolve to make Bharata filled with Samskrit, by encouraging and nourishing the great professors, teachers and students of Samskrit,

having established several educational institutions for Samskrit, modern medicine, commerce, technology etc. for poor boys and girls, with provisions for their food and stay, and showing the way to a life imbued with sacred traditions with the study of Vedas, Mantras and with Yajnas and Havanas,

encouraging traditional ways of dressing through the path of learning Shastras handed down in the lineage, having given attention to publishing spiritual works in Samskrit and protecting the Shastras, having overcome the differences in convention, birth, region, language and beliefs through congeniality and coordination,

worshipping Go (cow), Ganga and Gayatri, directing with his creative proficiency everywhere: the very sacred observance of self-study and penance, the practice of conduct praised by Shastras including Samadhi and Yoga and instilling co-ordination of ancient and modern culture and civilization,

growing the seeds of Dharma, culture and good conduct infused with resolute observance of rituals and discernment, being the abode of energy and divine power of the Mantras,

shining with the radiance of Jnana amidst supreme Panditas from everywhere, by constant study of Vedas and Vedanta, with vast personal superiority along with teaching, enlightening and spreading them,

possessing overwhelming knowledge of all Samskrita and Shastra works, and complete authority over the principles of Shruti, Smriti, Puranas, Mahakavyas, the six Darshanas, and arts,

being the succour of poor and weak people and possessing the divine magical powers in the manner of “Anoraniyan mahato mahiyan” (tinier than atom, larger than the largest), unlocking the secret teachings,

having a pure, lofty, sweet nature, with restraint over mind and senses, setting up centres for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases out of mercy,

having given his all for the welfare of Sadhus, Sanyasis, Brahmacharis, Panditas and Vidvans in every manner, dedicating himself for the benefit of Shastras, by (enabling) systematic study of Vyakarana, Nyaya, Mimamsa etc. and through inquiry into these as regulated by the Shastras, himself being the repository of all the virtues spoken in Dharma and Subhashitas,

Today, on the 88th birthday of the venerable Sri Jayendra Sarasvati Shankaracharya, the assembly of Vidvans and other dignitaries of Kashi, offers hundreds of salutations and cordial welcome repeatedly, with the Abhinandana (dedication of honour) as the flow of Chandana (sandal paste), with the following bunch of verses as floral offerings,

To the 70th Acharya of the Kamakoti Peetham, the most worshipped Jagadguru Sri Shankara Vijayendra Sarasvati Swami, who is beyond the setup of Dasanami Sampradaya, who directs thirteen Dharmapeethas, who has arrived in Kashi for his Chaturmasya Vrata for the first time.


  1. We salute Shankara Bhagavatpada, our Lord and Guru, and the Acharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, which is established by the Adi Acharya in the land of Bharata, which has the path of enlightenment through study and realisation, which upholds the Vedanta Advaita tattva, which benefits all humanity, which is the very life of culture, whose singular wealth is Atmananda, and which is devoid of the impurities of
  2. O Guru Sri Vijayendra Sarasvati ! 0 One laden with virtues treading the path of Dharma ! Obeisance at your feet. Today, your Guruta (preceptorhood) shines and our Bharatiya culture is well-known on earth.
  3. O Great soul! By you, the epitome of Punya, the culture of Bharata is promoted and protected though the path of the Shastras. The learned people of Kashi entreat you for refined and profound analysis of
  4. By your compassion, Kanchi’s special friendship with Kashi has been created, which is deep, and progresses in the path of Advaita and creates Shreyas (spiritual wellbeing) on both
  5. With your Brahmacharya Vrata, Varna has been conquered – that Varna who was conquered by Devas. 0 Ocean of patience! 0 Ocean of mercy! We pay obeisance to you, beseeching unfailing mercy and salvation.
  6. O Shankaracharya ! I salute forever the great Swamiji, resolute in the power of Dharma, protector of the Shastras, residing in Kanchi, the eminent Guru worshipped by the world, for the progress of our country.
  7. May all those who are spread out in the world, with minds dedicated to the service of all Sanyasis, acquire the full life-span stated by the Vedas, and vast merit. The most virtuous Shankaracharya, arriving from Kanchi, shines with fame and might, and forgives (ourfaults).

Second Shravana Krishna Dvitiya                                                                                                                           We, the members and dignitaries of Samvat 2080                                                                                                                                                                Kashi-Kanchi Sangama Vidvat Samiti Chet Singh Fort, Shivala, Varanasi                                                                                                                          are indebted to the Acharya and honour 03.08.2023                                                                                                                                                                   Him on the occasion of observance of                                                                                                                                                                                               Chaturmasya Vrata

Translated: Rajani Arjun Shankar