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Sudakshina Trust was constituted in the year 1973, at the behest of the Sage of Kanchi with the object of propagating ancient Indian wisdom and spiritual values which are fighting a losing battle with the forces of materialism, to make available to the present day society the treasures and jewels of our ancient culture and to resuscitate the disappearing recensions (Sakhas) of Vedas.

Many schemes have been evolved for the purpose and one of them is DILIP, which is the weapon that has been forged for the purpose. To take the metaphor further along, the contents are the ammunition and the readership determines the size of the army that will be using the ammunition. DILIP has been designed to reach the modern minds, particularly the ones that have grown cut off from our ancient traditions and have been brought up in a climate of unbelief and the so-called “rationalism”. At the direction of the Mahasvami, DILIP dedicated itself to the promotion of Vedas and Vedic traditions, and Sudakshina Trust to fostering Vedas in a sustained manner. The resuscitation of the rare and fast disappearing Sakhas of Vedas is thus the prime objective of Sudakshina Trust which looks out for help and assistance in promoting this cause. Presently the Trust gives donations to some Veda Patasalas propagating the rare Sakhas, which are not covered by the Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust.

DILIP finds its life sustained and purpose fulfilled by the interest taken by its readers by enrolling themselves as its subscribers.