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October - December 2023

The Central Mystery of the Universe by G. Sivaswamy

It is said “the human being” is the central mystery of the Universe holding the key to all mysteries known to man. In that case is it not our duty to learn more about this human mystery?

Now we are not talking about how the first human came into being as per the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or the Theory of Creation which almost all religions believe in.

Life is fundamental as far as this world of ours is concerned, but unfortunately, even today, scientists who deal more with life in its different aspects, have no satisfactory or universally accepted definition of life, what to speak of the mystery surrounding it. Now, let us see what the differences between animate and inanimate object and a living one are:

Living things have certain specific attributes-life moves in an orderly manner particularly in case of growth and development, homo-static (maintaining an internal envision that differs from external), metabolism (expending energy to grow and delay death), reacting to stimuli (change in behavior depending on environment), reproduction etc. We see life is a self­ sustaining system capable of evolution. All life in our planet depends on RNA or DNA and therefore is a change in genes over a period of time.

According to scientists ‘life’ is a concept we developed or invented to serve our purposes. The argument being that, on the most fundamental level, all matter that exists is an arrangement of atoms and their constituent particles. These arrangements fall into an immense spectrum of complexity- from a single hydrogen atom to something as intricate as brain. What are normally taken as criteria of life extend also universally.

DNA and RNA based life was in the beginning stages of life in this world; creatures are made of cell proteins DNA & RNA. World is innumerable grains of sand, a giant sphere of atoms.

Just as we can mould thousands of practically critical grains of sand on a beach into castles, mermaids or whatever one can imagine, the innumerable atoms that make up everything on the planet continually congregate and disassemble creating a ceaselessly shifting kaleidoscope of matter. Some of these flocks of particles would be what we have named mountains, oceans, lands; others trees, fish and birds and animals. Some world would be realistically inert; others would be changing at inconceivable speed in certain complex things.

Consciousness is the ultimate enigma. The String Theory by Edward Mitten holds that all nature’s forces stem from infinitesimal particles wriggling in a hyper-space consisting of many extra dimensions.

Coming back to life on earth, some of us know a lot of things. Some call evolution as the cause of life but some others think or consider the cause as creation. In this context, what does it mean to know something? To know something is to be personally convinced of its truth. There is play of personal element. But even then, knowing something does not make it true; it only means we consider it to be true.

Operation Science means or concerned with how something works. Origin Science deals with origin of the world, life, species etc. Uncertainties also affect science.

Understanding your subconscious – storing and retrieval of data, is a subjective operation. It maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in your billions of cells so that your entire physical machine functions.

It also affects your thinking and your habits.

Conscious Mind:

  • It is thinking mind; one thought at a time.
  • It identifies incoming information.
  • Man’s conscious mind is continually observing and categorizing what is going on around you.
  • It compares; analyzes – YES OR NO.
  • Sorting impressions.
  • The Master Mind: Your outer world corresponds to your inner world.

Human Body:

Human body since it lives in this world is conscious or say ‘world conscious’. Soul in human body is concerned with Self in us and therefore can be termed as the “Self conscious”. The Spirit behind the Soul is indeed God and the spirit is therefore’ God consciousness.’

We are marvelously designed by God. He made us in a way that all our body systems work together in unimaginable and intricate ways. Our soul, spirit, mind and body are all connected and work together perfectly according to His design.

Matter And Consciousness:

Matter and consciousness are not two separate things. What we call matter is consciousness asleep and what we know as consciousness is matter altered and arranged; existence is one and that is godliness.

Electron, neutron and proton are particles of energy-these are called particles, both matter and wave.

In Spirituality Soul is Energy; life is consciousness.

At Kamakoteeshwar Temple, Varanasi