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January - March 2023

Editorial Our Journey Forward

The service of publishing of DILIP has just changed hands from Shri Dilip Raghavan to Sri Kamakshi Seva Samithi, Mumbai. The Samithi has been engaged for many years, as instructed by the Jagadguru Shankaracharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, in many religious service activities including Aradhanas of our Acharyas, Annadanam on specified days, Annabhishekam, annual religious calendar etc. The Trustees of the Samithi have now gladly started off on yet another service, viz. publication of DILIP, as instructed by our Acharya Swamiji. One more feather has been added to their ornamental cap. May Devi Saraswathi bless us all for a bright future of DILIP.
Jagadguru Pujyashri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamiji has been on Vijaya Yatra continuously for a year now, mostly in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Swamiji has been moving among small towns and villages and attracting large crowds. A number of religious programmes are held with great devotional fervour. Wherever Swamiji goes, we find a charged renewal of interest in picking up awareness of Sanatana Dharma and its details on the part of the devout public including youth and women, who come for Darshan. This augurs very well for the sustained and multi-dimensional efforts of Shrimatham towards dissemination of religious and spiritual information and motivating people to understand and put into practice the tenets of our Dharma. Swamiji has been constantly coming out with many initiatives in this direction; the initiatives touch upon all sections of society with different interests. There are ever new efforts, whether it is Veda Parayanam, Veda Shastra Sadas, Pathasalas, books, discourses, anushthanas, village life, temple arts, folk arts etc. We can easily notice that people in general are keen to retrieve what they have lost over the years. This leads to enriching their own resources and ability to act as per the stipulations of Shastras in their personal lives. This further includes the spread of awareness of the societal need for Ishta and Poortha dharmas. Ishta dharmas relate to religious activities performed for public good, like Homas, Pujas, Veda Parayana, festivals etc. Poortha dharmas are all about provision of mundane public conveniences like roads, rest houses, food, water etc. People now understand better that it is more important for lights to be lit, Dhupa, Deepa, Neivedya etc. to be offered in the thousands of unattended village temples rather than raising new and magnificent temples. Similarly the necessity of affordable marriage halls, catering, apara kriya centres etc. has also been felt. The need for preservation of our hoary traditions in the matter of dress, appearance, food, festivals, pujas etc. is also better appreciated now. The necessity of mutual understanding and unity among our people in carrying forward our great legacy is also widely felt. In our onward March, may DILIP contribute its mite.