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January - March 2024

Swagata Patra, Samskrita Vidya Dharma Vijnana Faculty, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Scroll of Honour submitted in the lotus hands with prostrations at the lotus feet of Anantashri Vibhushita, Shri Moolamnaya Kanchi Kamakoti Sarvajna Peetha Adhiswara, Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Maharaj

May our obeisance be always to Shri Shankaracharya Swamiji, who is the incarnation of Shri Shankara for the purpose of protecting Dharma. (1)

Kashi is the abode of Vidyas; Kashi is the superior abode of Lakshmi; this Kashi is indeed Mukti kshetra; Kashi is the form of all Vedas. (2)

Acharya analyses the inner meanings of Shastras, establishes his disciples in conduct as per Shastras, while he himself follows all Shastras; that is why he is called Acharya. (3)

Manifesting the truth of the above definition, Acharya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamiji is radiant in the benign form of Paramatma Sadashiva, who is engaged in the five great Actions, viz. creation, protection, absorption, veiling and blessing. Benares Hindu University’s Samskrita Vidya Dharma Vijnana Faculty considers itself most fortunate in offering our respects to Acharya Swamiji, the master of various Shastras, the great upholder of Dharma, who is observing this Chaturmasya Mahotsava for the first time in Kashi.

The auspicious Shri Vijayendra Dharmaguru is protector of cows and Vedic brahmanas and immerses the wise in words of benediction filled with love and blessing. (4)

The revered Swamiji, who is engaged in showing the path of Dharma and Brahman, worshipping Ganga and offering obeisance at the feet of Shri Vishveshvara, is ever victorious. (5)

Wishing your supreme blessing, we, the members of the Faculty prostrate and submit at the lotus feet of yourself, the very form of Shri Bhavani Shankara.

Place: Faculty Auditorium                                                                                                                                                           Head and Members of Faculty
Date: 3.10.2023
Asvina Krishna Chaturthi, Vi.Sam. 2080

Translated: P.R. Kannan