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As instructed by Paramapujya Sri Sankaracharya Swamiji of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

 अ  ुतान  गोिव  नामो  ारणभेषजात्।

न    सकला रोगाः स  ं स  ं वदा  हम्॥

 By partaking of the medicine of chanting the names of Achyuta, Anantha and Govinda, all diseases are destroyed; I tell you, this is truth, truth.

Achyuta is Bhagavan, who never slips from his supreme state. Anantha is Bhagavan, who has no end. Govinda is Bhagavan, who protects the earth and its inhabitants.

बाला  के श वै ेश भवरोगहरे ित च। जपे ाम  रे ि  ं महारोगिनवारणम्॥

One should chant every day the names of Balambikesha (Iswara of Balambika), Vaidyesha (Vaidyanatha) and Bhavarogahara (remover of the disease of Samsara) and meditate on them; this will relieve one of severe diseases. (Vaidyanatha Ashtakam).

सुधाम ा  ा  ितभयजरामृ  ुह रणीम्

िवप िव े िविधशतमखा ा िदिवषदः । करालं यत्  ेलं कबिलतवतः कालकलना न श  ो   ूलं तव जनिन ताट मिहमा॥

O Mother, though Brahma, Indra and other Devas have consumed Amrita, capable of removing the fearful states of old age and death, they perish at the time of Final Dissolution of the Universe. But though Shambhu partook of the dreadful Kalakoota poison, he is not affected even the least by the all devouring Time. This is because of the glory of your earstuds (Taatankas)! (Soundaryalahari 28)

िकर ीम> ? िकरणिनकु @  ामृतरसं

A िद B ामाधC े िहमकरिशलामूित िमव यः । स सपा णां दपr.शमयित शकु ािधप इव

ucl ुf ान् l}ci]’ सुखयित सुधाधारिसरया॥

He, who fixes you in the heart like an image made of moonstone scattering the multitude of rays of the essence of Amrita from your limbs, destroys the pride of serpents like the Garuda (lord of birds) would. With the Nadi in his body streaming Amrita, he comforts those scorched by fever with a mere look. (Soundaryalahari 20)

The four shlokas can be chanted for a minimum of 16 times per day at Puja place at home.

Translated: P R Kannan