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April - June 2024

Jagadguru Vandana By Swami Govindadev Giriji


  1. Gurudev, our prostration and greetings to you again and again. Our worship is to your feet, who set out to unite Himalayas and Sethu (Ram Sethu). We worship Jagadguru. The purifying Light of Shankara shone all over the land of Bharat, covered with darkness; throughout your life, the Light spread for the entire world to take note of. Our worship is to those feet of yours, which traverse the path full of thorns. The dust from those holy feet is indeed sandalpaste for the heads of all of us. We worship Jagadguru.
  2. Your peregrination extending to village after village, city after city, has been You have nourished the sanctifying activities of education and service. You are indeed the chief among wandering Sanyasis, Adi Shankara reincarnate. Our prostration is to Jagadguru Kanchi Kamakoti Peethadhishwara. We worship Jagadguru.
  3. We have made the auspicious resolve in our minds to serve Bharat Mata. With your ideal in our hearts, we will always walk the path of Dharma. It is our firm vow that we will fulfil your dreams. O Narayana, please bless us; our body, mind and life are dedicated to your cause. We worship Jagadguru.

Translated: P. R. Kannan