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April - June 2023

An Introduction to Sundarakandam by Deepa Karthik

Sundarakandam is one of the most revered and popular chapters in the Hindu epic Ramayana, written by Sage Valmiki. It tells the story of Hanuman’s journey to Lanka to find Rama’s consort Sita in the demon king Ravana’s kingdom. The chapter is known for its powerful and emotive storytelling, as well as its religious significance.

One of the most notable aspects of Sundarakandam is the character of Hanuman, the monkey god who becomes a loyal friend and companion to Rama and plays a crucial role in the rescue of Sita. His devotion and courage in the face of obstacles serves as an inspiration to many.

The chapter also highlights the theme of selfless love and devotion, as seen in Rama and Sita’s relationship, and the concept of duty and responsibility, as embodied by Rama as a prince and the future king of Ayodhya.

Sundarakandam is considered to be a sacred text in Hinduism, and its recitation is believed to bring blessings, fulfil desires and remove obstacles. The chapter is also believed to contain powerful mantras and hymns that are said to have spiritual power and that can be used for spiritual growth and protection.

Short Poem on Sundarakandam

in Sundarakandam, the tale unfolds,

of Rama, Sita, and their story told,

of love and loyalty, devotion true,

and the quest to rescue, a tale anew.


Hanuman, the vanara god, so brave and true,

offers aid to Rama, in all he’ll do,

with unwavering faith, he crosses the sea,

to Lanka, to find Sita, for Rama’s plea.


through trials and tribulations, he persists,

with courage and strength, he never halts,

his devotion to Rama, pure and true,

a shining example, for all to pursue.


Rama and Sita, a love so pure,

their bond unbreakable, forever sure,

through trials and tribulations, they stand,

their love and devotion, a sight so grand.


Sundarakandam, a tale of old,

but one that still resonates, so bold,

with themes of love, loyalty, and duty,

it’s a story that will forever be a beauty.


so let us recite, with devotion and pride,

the story of Rama, Sita, and hanuman’s ride,

may the blessings of Sundarakandam, be upon us all,

guiding and protecting, through life’s great hall.