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April - June 2023

श्रीरामायणगद्यम् – śrīrāmāyaṇagadyam

(A book titled as above is authored by Brahmasri Mayavaram Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal (1880-1967), a great scholar, who spent a lifetime delivering impassioned discourses on Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam and Srimad Bhagavatham. He was honoured with the title of ‘Pravachana Margadarshi’ by Mahaswamiji of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. He has condensed Srimad Ramayanam into short prose passages in Samskrit for easy and quick readability and understanding of the general public. Similarly he also wrote the entire Srimad Bhagavatham into 400 verses in Samskrit and the book is called Sri Bhagavtha Chatussati, or Sri Bhagavatha Sangraham. While narrating the stories in an interesting manner in these books, the author has made it a point to emphasise Dharma, Bhakti and Jnana. Both these books were recently released in Chennai with fresh English and Tamil translations by his grandson, Prof. R. Ranganathan. The book on Sri Ramayana Gadyam is reproduced here with the English translation with his kind permission – Editor)


|| श्रीरामायणगद्यम् ||

श्रीरामचन्द्र​: श्रितपारिजातः समस्तकल्याणगुणाभिरामः ।

सीतामुखाम्भोरुह चञ्चरीकः निरन्तरं मङ्गळमातनोतु ॥

May Shri Ramachandra, the Divinity with all noble qualities as the holy Parijata tree and a bee-like spirit circling the lotus-like face of the mother Sita, always shower divine blessings.


सकललोकशरण्य, निरुपाधिककारुण्य, क्षीराब्धिमध्यनिवास, भक्तजनमानसोल्लास, सकलसाधुजननिवहरक्षणार्थ-स्वीकृतावतारसङ्कल्प​, भुजगेन्द्रभोगतल्प​, परमपावनसूर्यवंशकृतावतार​, सद्धर्मरक्षाधिकार​, श्रीरङ्गनाथानुग्रहभाजनमहाराज-दशरथतपःफलभूत​, महर्षिजनहित​, पतिव्रतारत्नकौसल्या-भाग्यपरिपाक​, दीनजनोद्धारक​, भ्रातृभावापन्नभरतलक्ष्मण-शत्रुघ्नसेवितचरण​, अनन्तकल्याणगुण​, वितीर्णायोध्यावासिजननेत्रोत्सव​, परिहृतकैतव​, विश्वामित्रमखरक्षणार्थ-स्वीकृतसिद्धाश्रमगमन​, राजीवनयन​, ताटकानिग्रहकृतगोब्राह्मणहित​, पुण्यचरित​, मारीचसुबाहुमुख-राक्षसवृन्दनिराकरणपूर्वकयज्ञरक्षण-प्रख्यापितशौर्य, निरवधिकौदार्य, अहल्यापापनिवर्तक-पादरजस्स्पर्श​, योगिमनोदुर्दर्श​, श्रीकण्ठकरकोदण्डखण्डन-प्रकाशितभुजप्रताप​, हृतताप​, कृतजानकीपाणिग्रहण-महोत्सव-दर्शनसफलसकलसज्जन-नयनानन्द, सच्चिदानन्द​, माण्डव्यादिपत्नीसमेत-भरतादिभ्रातृजनकृतानुगमन​, सकललोकमोहन​, परशुरामगर्वनिबर्हण-प्रकटीकृतनिजैश्वर्य​, विश्वातिशायिसौन्दर्य।

Our prostrations again and again to Shri Ramachandra, who is:

the universal refuge bestower,  committed compassion incarnate, dweller in the  middle of the ocean of milk, furnisher of unlimited delight in the minds of devotees, self willed assumer of incarnations to save all righteous people, halcyon recliner resting on the serpent king (Adishesha), descendent born into the great Sun dynasty, protector of wholesome virtuousness, rewarding boon to the penance of King Dasaratha who received Shri Ranganatha’s grace, conferer of welfare to all eminent seers, ripened reward as a boon to the gem-like chaste mother Kowsalya, uplifter of helpless people, sibling whose holy feet were worship-worthy to Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna who had brotherly sentiments,  nobility endowed with infinite benevolent qualities, delight to the eyes of the eminent people of Ayodhya, renouncer of deceit, adherent who agreed to go on a journey to Siddhashram to protect the sacrificial rite of sage Vishwamitra, charmer with beaming lotus-like eyes,  slayer of the demoness Tataka thus providing welfare to the cows and Brahmans, personifier of noble traits, valiant who displayed valor in protecting the sacrificial rite by first chasing away the hordes of demons led by Marica and Subahu, exhibitor of infinite magnanimity,  mitigator who cleansed the fault of Ahalya by a touch with the dust of his feet, mystic who is difficult to fathom even by the minds of ascetics, victor who showed the prowess of his arms by splitting the bow of Lord Shiva, alleviator of misery, enchanter in the eyes of the eminent people who happily witnessed his well conducted wedding with mother Janaki,  personification of Existence-Consciousness- Bliss, itinerant returning to his city with Bharata and the other brothers along with Mandavi and the other wives of his brothers, attractor of all people in the world, subduer of the hubris of Parasurama showing true mightiness, singularly elegant allurer of the universe,


केकयदेशगमनोत्सुक-भरतशत्रुघ्नकृताभ्यनुज्ञ​​, अनावृतप्रज्ञ​, परमरमणीयदिव्य- प्रासादविहाररसिक-सीतामानसोल्लासजनक-दिव्यचरित्र​, परमपवित्र​, निश्चितराज्याभिषेकविघटनप्रवृत्त-मन्थरावाक्यमोहित-कैकेयीवरनिर्बंधचकित-महाराजसत्यवाक्य- परिपालनार्थगृहीतारण्यगमन​, शत्रुदमन​, अरण्यगमनोत्सुक-सीतालक्ष्मणमनोनुकूलवचन​, संमानितपरिजन​, कृतससंभ्रमसाश्रूनयन-पौरजनपरिवेष्टित-सुमन्त्राधिष्ठित- रथारोहण​, सुकुमारचरण​, शृङ्गिबेरपुरवासि-गुहसेवितपाद​, सात्विकहृदयप्रमोदप्रद​, भरद्वाजवन्दनपूर्वक-स्वीकृतचित्रकूटवास​, कलिकलुषनिरास​, राज्यभोगनिराश- परमभागवत-भरतप्रार्थनासमर्पित-मणिपादुक, ​जगन्नायक​, अत्र्यादिमहर्षिजनानुग्राहक​, आपन्नजनरक्षक।

the approver of the departure of Bharata and Shatrughna who desired to go to the Kekaya country,  displayer of limitless fore- sight,  faithful companion giving mindful happiness to Mother Sita who joyfully strolled around the palace that glittered with exquisite beauty,  eminent saintly being,  itinerant who agreed to take up the journey to the forest in order to honor the promise of his Emperor-father who was grief stricken by the demand to adhere to the promised boons by mother Kaikeyi who was deceived by the words of Manthara who in turn had been instigated by the news of his planned coronation, vanquisher of foes,  utterer of words that comforted the hearts of Sita and Lakshmana who were eager to follow him to the forest, leader respected by all associates, ascender onto the chariot that was driven by Sumantra and that was surrounded by the city people who were totally confused and teary eyed,  being gifted with soft feet,  itinerant with holy feet that were worshipped by the Srungi- bera resident Guha,  bestower of bliss to the hearts of all noble people who gathered,  resident in Chitrakuta after paying homage to sage Bharadwaja,  eliminator of the vice of the Kali age,  donor of his sandals to the fully devoted Bharata who was free from the desire to enjoy the pleasures of ruling the kingdom after agreeing to his prayer,  master of all worlds,  nobility who served the holy sages like Atri, protector of those who suffer from sorrow,


विराधनिग्रहकृतसज्जनोपकार​, दिव्यशरीर​, समर्पितपुण्यब्रह्मर्षिवर्यशरभङ्ग- ब्रह्मलोकप्रदायक​, भक्तपरिपालक​, अगस्त्यमुनिसमर्पितवैष्णवचाप​, दूरीकृतपाप​, विहितगोदावरीतीर-विराजमानपञ्चवटीविहार​, कन्दर्पसुकुमार​, शूर्पणखावैरूप्य- दर्शनजनितरोष-खरादिपलाशपलालवृन्द-निस्सारणमहावात​, मञ्जुलचरित​, कृतमायामारीचनिग्रह​, आश्रितजनानुग्र्ह​, रावणकृतसीतापहरण-शून्यपञ्चवटीदर्शन- प्रयुक्तशोकजनितविलाप​, मधुरालाप​, गृहीतमानुषनटन, सुन्दरवदन, जटायु- मोक्षद, जगदानन्दद, दिव्यदेहलाभसन्तुष्ट-कबन्धोपदिष्ट-सुग्रीवसख्य, सर्वदेवमुख्य​, शबरीदत्तफलाभिलाष, नित्यसन्तोष।

the benefactor who helped noble people by slaying the demon Viradha, being with an adorable physique,  provider of the Brahmaloka to the virtuous brahman-imbued sage Sharabhanga as requested by him, sustainer of devotees, acceptor of Lord Vishnu’s bow proffered by sage Agastya, being who drives away all sins, migrant who reveled in the beautiful Panchavati area on the banks of river Godavari as directed by the sage, handsome young man like Manmatha, great tempestuous fighter who defeated the hordes of demons headed by Khara and others who were enraged upon seeing the demoness Surpanakha with disfigured limbs, spirit with a charming nature, slayer of the illusive demon Marica, refuge to all grace seeking people,  moaner from the sorrow generated upon seeing the empty Panchvati cottage due to the abduction of mother Sita by Ravana, gentle sufferer in grief,  imitator of ordinary human manners, one with a sweet countenance,  bestower of liberation to Jatayu, bestower of delight to all the worlds, befriender of Sugriva following the advice of Kabandha who was gratified to be blessed again with his divine body, majesty among all divinities, relisher of the fruits offered by mother Sabari, rejoicing-spirit who is happy at all times,


आञ्जनेयानुग्रहपूर्वक-स्वीकृतसुग्रीवकर​, परमोदार​, दुन्दुभिकलेबरोत्क्षेपण-सप्ततालच्छेदनजनित-प्रत्ययसुग्रीवहितार्थ-कृतवालिसंहार​, भक्तमन्दार​, प्रतिष्टापितराज्य-सूर्यतनय​, महोदय​, देव्यन्वेषणप्रवृत्त-वानरबृन्दकृतस्तुतिशत​, सर्वदेवनुत ।

the builder of friendship with Sugriva subsequent to meeting with Anjaneya, one with supreme munificence, slayer of Vali to benefit Sugriva who had his trust restored by the tossing of the body of Dundubhi and the uprooting of seven trees, refuge to all devotees,  establisher of Sugriva, the Sun’s son, on the throne, awakener who is supreme, a leader who was extolled hundreds of times by the multitude of vanaras who started on the trek to search for Mother Sita, divinity worshiped by all divinities,


दृष्टदेवीवृत्तान्ताञ्जनासूनुमुखोद्गलित-सीतावाक्यामृतपानसञ्जात-सन्तोषकालार्पित-परिरम्भ, तपस्विजन-तपःफलारम्भ ।

the embracer of the son of Anjana at the blissful moments that arose from listening to the sweet words of Mother Sita that flowed from his mouth as he narrated the events that led to the finding of the Mother, bestower of benefits for the penance of holy sages,


स्वीकृतयुद्धयात्र​, विचित्रचरित्र​, भ्रातृधिक्कृतविभीषणानुग्रह-प्रदर्शितशरणागत-रक्षणधर्मोत्कर्ष​, लोकरक्षणतर्ष​, सकलपापनिवर्तक-सेतुबन्धनप्रकटीकृत-निरतिशयैश्वर्य​, दुरधिगमगाम्भीर्य,​अगस्त्यमुनेरादित्यहृदयोपदेशान्नष्टशोकशूर, रणजय- तत्पर, रावणादिसकलराक्षस-संहारपूर्वकाग्निप्रवेशप्रदर्शित-सकललोकप्रत्ययजनक-निजचारित्रगौरव-सीतालाभपरितृप्त-ब्रह्मादिनिखिलदेवजन-संस्तूयमानप्रभाव​, राघव​, विभीषणराज्यप्रदानपूर्वक- पुष्पकारूढसकलमित्रजनसमेत-निजदर्शनसंपादितकौतुक-योगितिलकभरद्वाज, राजाधिराज, स्वनियोगज्ञापनपरितृप्त-भरतसमागमजनितपरिपूर्णानन्द​, सर्वसुखकन्द​, भरतप्रार्थनास्वीकृत-राज्याभिषेक​, अखिललोकनायक​, अयोध्यानगरपट्टाभिषेकमण्टप-दिव्यरत्नासनारूढ​, ज्ञानिजनहृदयारूढ​, वसिष्ठादिब्रह्मर्षिमण्डलकृतदिव्याभिषेक, दिव्यज्ञानदायक,​ दिव्यालङ्कारशोभित- वामभागस्थितसीतासमेत, नारदादिस्तुत, मन्मथाकार​, दिव्यशरीर​, भक्तहृदय-विहार​, दीनजनोद्धार​, दुष्टजनसंहार​, वेदान्तमूल​, कौसल्याबाल​, तमालनील​, विचित्रचेल​, असुरकुलकाल​, अद्भुतलील​, सीतालोल​, पुण्यश्लोक​, पुरुषोत्तम​, राजीवलोचन​, श्रीसीतानायक​, रामचन्द्र​ नमस्ते नमस्ते॥

the warrior who began the journey to the battle-front,  spirit with amazing character,  devoted adherent who obeyed and thus revealed the duty to protect refuge-seekers by welcoming Vibhishana who was censured by his brother,  desirer of world safety,  eminent spirit who displayed his extraordinary valor by building a bridge to eliminate all evil, spirit with eminence unsurpassed, hero who became free from worries from the teaching of Adityahrudaya by sage Agastya, valiant intent on winning the battle, slayer of all the demons including Ravana, splendorous majesty worshiped by all divinities like Brahma who were gratified to witness Mother Sita whose honor had earlier been restored by the creation of a trust in her virtue among people of all worlds from being sanctified by the rite of entering the fire, scion of the Raghu dynasty, victor who granted the kingdom back to Vibhishana and then arrived at the hermitage of the master yogi Bharadwaja who was delighted to witness his arrival seated in the Pushpaka aircraft along with the crowd of friendly people,  king greater than all kings, brother who was delighted to be united again with Bharata who in turn was mightily glad remembering his declared vow, well-wisher of happiness to all, king who agreed to be coronated at the request of Bharata, leader of all worlds, ascender to the jewel- studded throne at the hall of coronation in Ayodhya,  dweller in the hearts of all self- realized souls, king whose anointment was consecrated by Brahman-imbued sages like Vasishtha,  grantor of divine wisdom, king on whose left side was seated queen Sita who was lustrous with exquisite ornaments adorning her, leader extolled by sages like Narada, charmer like Manmatha, being with an adorable physique,  indweller in the hearts of devotees, uplifter of helpless people, destroyer of wicked people, true source of Vedanta philosophy, the adored child of Kowsalya,  being with a blue hue like that of Tamala, wearer of exquisite garments,  destroyer of demonic dynasties, wonderful sportive personality, yearner for Sita, virtuously extolled incarnation,  loftiest among all beings, the lotus-eyed Lord, and the spouse of Sita.

सकृत्प्रपन्नस्य जनस्य रक्षा कृपाम्बुधेर्यस्य महद्व्रतं सः ।

रामः सदाऽव्यात् रमणीयकीर्तिः सीतापतिर्मां शरणं प्रपन्नम् ॥

Saving people, who submitted forever, is the great vow of Shri Rama, the ocean of mercy. May Shri Rama, Sita’s spouse with enchanting fame, always protect me as one who has taken refuge.

इति श्रीरामचन्द्रचरणारविन्दयोः समर्पितम्

श्रीरामायणगद्यम् संपूर्णम्

शुभं भूयात्


उपसंहारः  – Epilogue

इति विश्वामित्रकुलोद्भवितेन दक्षिणद्वारकाख्य चम्पकारण्य नगरसमीपस्थ देवङ्गुडि ग्रामाभिजनितेन मायूरक्षेत्रवासितेन पञ्चनदीश्वरार्यपुत्रेण रुक्मिणीगर्भसंभूतेन महामहोपाध्याय शास्त्ररत्नाकरादि विरुदाङ्कित श्रीमद्यज्ञस्वामि शास्त्रिपादान्तेवासितेन


भगवच्चरणयोः उपहारीकृतः श्रीरामायणगद्यम् |

Sri Ramayana Gadyam was submitted at the feet of the Supreme-being by Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal, who lived in the Mayuram Kshetram, who was born in the Visvamitra dynasty at the Devangudi village, which is near the Champakaranya City, also known as South Dwaraka, who was the son of Sri Panchanadeeswara and Srimati Rukmini, and disciple of Sri Yagnaswami Sastrigal who bore the titles of Mahamahopadhyaya and Sastraratnakara.